Saturday, 20 April 2013


Alhamdulillah ....


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  2. Assalammualaykum.

    I'm glad I found your book under the Islamic Isle in Kinokuniya. The title 'Trying to be a Muslim' written by a Muslim Malay lady caught my attention, as a born Muslim myself I have little knowledge about my own religion (you mentioned this in Chapter 1) so I knew this book is just what I've been seeking for.

    As a young adult sometimes my faith is shaky but the quotes from the Quran and the interpretations in your book gives me answers and also as a reminder for me not to loose faith in Allah SWT and how to handle any mishaps. Thank you for writing a simple yet such an engaging a book, I can truly relate to your stories.

    Wassalam sister Norhafsah

  3. Waalaikumsalam wbt Sis Tina,

    Alhamdulillah! I am very happy that you like the book. I just felt that I needed to share my experience with the humble hope that someone can benefit from it and avoid the mistakes that I made. I am still trying to be true Muslim and I'm not quite there yet but the main thing is that we must have faith and never give up. Thank you for your kind words, it means so much to me. Jazakillah sister.