Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sharing is Caring

The Wise owl always tells me to share whatever knowledge that I've acquired with Friends and families. I keep telling him that friends and families are not interested in listening to me preaching about religion. Some of them think I have horns on my head, a pronged tail and a pitchfork to match, hence I'm the last person they want to listen to. I suppose I deserve that since I was extremely naughty when I was younger and smaller. Unfortunately for some, the memory of my mischiefs, stays with them.

Anyway, the Wise owl told me to share and not preach. He said sharing is just imparting whatever knowledge that I have learnt. I must not expect that they will be receptive or that they will accept wholly whatever it is that I'm trying to share. He said to just share and let God do the rest. Once you share imparted your knowledge, you have fulfill your obligation. He reminded me that one of the questions that God Al Mighty will ask on Judgment Day is, 'what have you done with the knowledge that I have bestow upon you?'...errr....okay!. I do not want a scenario where the gates of Hell are open and I get thrown inside for giving the wrong answer!

Hence, I decide to start writing in this humble blog. Here is where I can babble away without stepping on anyone's toes ( I hope!). I am not sure if anyone would read my ramblings, but at least, I'm hoping that I can plead my case convincingly when I am asked by my Creator, "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate"...the chapter begins...

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