Sunday, 1 November 2015

Assembly Point

“Each meeting occurs at the precise moment for which it was meant. Usually, when it will have the greatest impact on our lives.” ― Nadia Scrieva

In one of our trips up north, hubby decided to make a pitt-stop at one of the RNR. As he slowly drove the car into parking at a vacant spot, I was rummaging my handbag looking for something. When I looked up, I saw a signboard right in front of me. The sign was a notification of the assembly point in case of an emergency.

At that time, I couldn't help but wonder how the atmosphere will be on Judgment day i.e. mashyar. One thing that I know is that it will be totally chaotic. Everyone will be in a state of panic. There would not be a sign like the one I'm staring at, that's for sure! No one will know where to go or when.

“And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will swoon away, except him whom God wills.” (Quran 39:68)

“And the Trumpet will be blown (i.e.  the second blowing) and behold!  From the graves they will come out quickly to their Lord.” (Quran 36:51)

“On the Day you see it every nursing mother will be distracted from that [child] she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy, and you will see the people [appearing] intoxicated while they are not intoxicated; but the punishment of Allah is severe.” (Quran 22:2)

But, is it possible to be in state of total calmness and be treated like VIP whilst waiting for our fate to be determined?

Narrated Abu Hurairah (RTA) The prophet said “Seven people will be shaded by Allah under His Shade on the Day (Day of  Resurrection) when there will be no shade except His. They are:

a)   A just ruler.
b)   A young man who has been brought up in the worship of Allah (i.e. worships Allah alone sincerely from his childhood)
c)   A man whose heart is attached to the mosque (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosques)
d)   Two persons who love each other for the sake of Allah’s sake, and they meet and part in Allah’s cause only.
e)   A man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for illegal sexual intercourse with her and says, I fear Allah.
f)    A person who practices charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given.
g)   A person who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes becomes flooded with tears.

(Sahih Al Bukhari Vol.2, Hadith 504)

Don't you long to be one of them? I do.

How are we resurrected?

Jaabir who said: “I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say, ‘Every person will be resurrected in the manner that he died.’” (Narrated by Muslim, 2878) 

IbnUmar (may Allah be pleased with him): “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘When Allah sends down punishment upon a people, the punishment also befalls those who were among them, then they will be resurrected according to their deeds.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 7108). 

Let us hope that our soul are taken in the best manner and when we are committing good deeds...ameen...


  1. I am reading your book, Trying to be Muslim...still in the midst of reading...and just bought another one, Back to Basics...found out that you have a how you put everything into trying to be a true muslim...keep on writing...feel so blessed...thank you very much.

    1. Alhamdulillah....hang in there..all of us are on the same journey...